Thank you

I've been thinking lately about the song I posted last month, Make It Home, and it brought up some gratitude that I've been holding onto.

In the last post I expressed how that song came from a difficult time. It was also the first song I had written in years, and really it marks the point where I started expressing myself with music again. 

This turn of events wouldn't have happened without the care of my friend Martin. He had asked me to sing backup vocals on one of his songs, and while we were working on that I asked him if he would listen to this song that I had written. 

I worked hard to perform it for him, but my unskilled guitar fingers struggled to get the song out. After I shared it with him he was enthusiastic about it and asked me if he could put it on the album he was working on.  I can't put into words how much this meant to me.

Martin's gesture told me that what I had to say was worth saying.

And I will forever be grateful for that.

Here's a version of the song as it is on his album, with Martin on harmonies.

You can find his full album of beautiful music here.

Make it Home

I wrote this song a couple of years ago, after a series of difficult events.

All that seemed to help was putting to song what I was feeling inside.


This experience was the start of me getting serious about songwriting again,  

and I'm grateful that something hopeful could come out of this difficult time.


The beautiful banjo you hear was played by my good friend Russ Howard,

and it was mastered by the talented Stoker White.